Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Ray likes to be challenged when he eats.  He prefers to eat from Kongs and has a couple of them but not enough to make it an every meal event.  He also has a food puzzle that he loves even though it is only good for a few treats or pieces of kibble at a time.  It constantly needs to be "reloaded" and is fast falling apart, so I only get it out when Ray needs some extra mental focus.

Recently I had a coupon from PetSmart for a treat for Boo Kitty's birthday so I took that opportunity to get Ray a Kong Wobbler.  I figured he would like the challenge of tipping it over to dispense his kibble, but also it was big enough that he couldn't do the pick up and drop move he uses for his regular kongs. 
I think it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

1 comment:

  1. Turk lurrrrves the Kong Wobbler! :) Now if I could only get Polly to be interested in it!



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