Monday, October 22, 2012

A Lumpy Bump

After I wrote my post on Friday about the kitties, Mommy took me to see my favorite doctor.  She has a Pit bull type doggie, too, and she is always so nice to me.  When we went to the office, I walked in the door and sat down right away like a good boy.  We always do that in case the waiting room is full or chaotic.  But there was no one else there and so I went over to the big sitty-down thing that Mommy always has me sit on then she said, "Seventy-seven point two."  What a silly thing to say.

Then Dr. M came out and petted me and I kissed her.  She is my favorite doctor.  We go see the Doctor's office people every month then I sit on the sitty thing and then Mommy buys me a special once a month treat.  Last Friday was a different kind of visit,  Mommy left me there all day and when she picked me up I was wooozy and my leg hurted a bunch.  Mommy said I had  a surgery.
When we got home, I cried a lot but and Mommy and I had another slumber party, which made me stop crying a little.  The next day I felt better but I didn't get to have any fun.  Mommy says I'm 'cooperatin.  That means no tuggy games, no bye byes, no shopping and no going upstairs,  no fun for the Ray-Ray.

Mommy will tell you more about it tomorrow,


  1. I hope you get extra treats while you are recuperating, Ray-Ray! Feel better soon!

  2. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Ray Ray gets better soon! Poor little guy!

    Can't wait to read what this is all about tomorrow...I hope everything is OK.

  3. Nice blog! I had a fun visit. Hope the surgery went well.

  4. Thanks, all. He is doing much better than his mom. :-)



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