Monday, December 17, 2012

My Mean Mama

Recently, I was hanging out, being my usual perfect self and wondering why we have that funny looking tree in the living room when my Mama did something really horrible.

She laid all of these beautiful antlers out on the dining room table where I could see them and hear them making clinky sounds.  And she let fat kitty Miko inspect them.

Then  she put all of those antlers back into a bag and put them in her car and took them away from me!  Couldn't she see the I want it look on my handsome face??? 

Mama swears that there was a good reason to deny me all of that antlery goodness and that she will explain her crazy actions tell us about it tomorrow. 


  1. Oh the torture! Poor Ray... I am sure your mom has a good excuse!

  2. So many! Does it have something to do with the holidays?

  3. I have never even seen so many antlers in my whole life! That is like a billion dollars of antlers! You didn't even get one? Not a single one??

  4. What a mean, mean, mean mama! Poor Ray-Ray! I don't know what in the world you could have done to deserve this!



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