Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tornado Tired

My mama has an all day meeting to go to today and said she didn't have time to blog this morning, so I said that even though I'm really tired, I'd do it.

This week has been exciting not only because I got my March BarkBox in the mails this week but because my mama's friend sent me some fun toys to eat from.  I used to have a Kong Wobbler, but that made me too excited when I was just a baby, so Mama gave it to her friend and she gave me a Magic Mushroom and a Tornado. These both make me use my brains a hole lot if I want to eat and when I use my brains I get really tired and go night-night early.

Mama said the best thing is I didn't act all crazy like when I was a baby and said silly things to my Wobbler. 
I also just got a new job recently.  My baby eats puffs when the adults eat their dinner and now Mama said my new job is to "find it" all of the puffs that land on the floor.  I really like that the baby drops a lot of puffs so I get to do a really good job.
What jobs do you help with around the house?


  1. Wow! You are a busy boy, Ray! Tess is the diva of the house and really isn't much help - but she is a certified therapist, so she helps keep us all sane. Her job is to give big cuddles when we are feeling sad. Ed is a sous-chef -- he helps clean up the kitchen when I am cooking. He knows that his mama doesn't like a dirty kitchen floor, so he makes sure that anytime something falls, he runs in to pick (or lick!) it up!!

  2. Those look like two really cool treat puzzles, Ray! Your job sounds pretty great too! I have a few jobs, but my two favorites are hunting squirrels (mom does not seem to appreciate this job) and holding the couch down ;)

  3. Having kids around the house sure is fun - means lots of extra snacks!

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  4. You look like you enjoy your puzzles and you're really good at them...and that's an important job you job is to sit under Momz prep table in the kitchen and clean up any spills :)

  5. We love the Tornado in our house too! Maybe your baby could help you and hide puffs in the Tornado? Wouldn't that be fun!!

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  7. The Magic Mushoom is Athena's FAVORITE! She flings that thing all around the house and she loves that she can grab the top of the mushroom with her mouth for extra flinging action. We've never tried a puzzle like the Tornado, mainly because they all seem so spendy, but that one looks so fun!

  8. I just saw the Magic Mushroom when I was shopping Ryan's Pet Supplies the other day and I considered getting it and changed my mind. I need to reconsider! (Have I raved about to you yet? I do all the time like i'm getting paid for it except I'm totally not.)
    Babies love puffs! All the human foster babies in my house growing up loved them as a snack. It seems like a good doggie friendly snackie too!



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