Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Words on Wednesday

I just assumed that my first Molly Mutt purchase would be for Ray, in fact I never even gave a thought to the contrary, even though I have three cats.  After all, it is called Molly Mutt.   But as it turned out, I was using my Wag coupon to get some food and necessary items Incredi-bubbles for Ray and wanted to make it to the free shipping level, so I decided to add a sweet little Molly Mutt cover to the purchase.

Boo Kitty on her Molly Meow throne.


I selected the La Vie en Rose because it was going in Asia's room which is gray and pink so they could be all girly together.  Boo loves this little throne and rarely ventures her ancient self off of it and we were able to find a nice quiet corner where Ray and the kitty boys won't even bother to look for her.  Yes, retirement is sweet.


  1. So cute! We have that one too. Strangely enough, I've even seen posts about people using a Molly Mutt in a kids' room as a type of daybed!

  2. So pretty, it looks great with Boo Kitty's fur!

  3. Too cute! We've been looking into getting some Molly Mutt gear. We keep an extra crate in the bedroom (though we've been thinking about moving it since it rarely gets used since their main crates are downstairs) and it's kind of an eyesore - been thinking a cover would be perfect!

    1. I keep thinking about a crate cover, too, but haven't found the perfect fabric yet.



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