Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crinkie is Back!

Last week, our friends at Pitlandia asked if anyone had ever tried a Crinkit because that was the deal of the day at Doggyloot.  (I had stopped getting the Doggyloot emails quite a while ago because I really never ordered from  there.)  Ray used to have a Crinkit, or Crinkie as we call it and while it wasn't indesctructable,it really did last a long time, and I had been meaning to replace it for-evs but I just hadn't gotten around to it.  Well, when I saw that this was the opportunity for a new Crinkie,  I jumped right on it and promptly forgot about it until it arrived in the mail.

He always knows it's for him.

 These are a durable something or other compound and it smells like vanilla, which is nice.  Luckily we had a nearly empty water bottle to stuff inside, but even without, Ray is pretty happy to have his Crinkie back.

It's probably been since late last summer since he had a Crinkie, but I was still somewhat shocked that he played with it differently.  Big boy knows exactly where the bottle goes in and did work it out within an hour before playing with the empty Crinkit. 

All in all, I'm glad we have it back because it really is a great toy and provides Ray with some mental stimualtion, as well as physical exertion.  If you don't have a Crinkit yet, I highly recommend one.  Ray does too.


  1. Ooo that looks like so much fun! That last photo of Ray is just too cute!

  2. Looks like Ray really loves his Crinkie! We might have to try that one out!

    Emily @ Our Waldo Bungie

  3. Yay for the return of the Crinkie! I love my Crinkie too :) But Ray must be extra clever because I never got the bottle out of mine!

  4. They look like great fun - I wish they had them in the UK

  5. I've never heard of it before, I'll have to check this out!

  6. I will have to check our warehouse pet supply store in Phoenix and see if they sell these...I bet Braylon and Madden would like them. (Hades isn't into anything except Nylabones anymore, although we are getting him into balls lately.)



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