Friday, May 17, 2013

Sirius Winner

The Vote is in
We'd like to thank everybody yet again for all the love and support for our likes for collars for the adoptable dogs at Allen County SPCA and to Eriesistibulls and Sirius Republic for their help.  Also you may remember I asked for some votes on what new summer collar Ray should be rocking and we had a very clear winner.  Waterloo was the winner in a landslide.  We loved the timeless sophistication and the patriotic colors.  This collar just felt so The Hamptons to me.  Very classy.

Photo: Sirius Republic

Class Clown
Unfortunately, Ray is not sophisticated or classy.  He is sweet, funny, goofy and whimiscal.  Asia, just like the majority of voters, opted for Waterloo.  Until I said, "For Ray-Ray?"  "Oh, no, Ray is more Blue Lagoon."

Photo: Sirius Republic
And of course, that was really the one I had in mind for him the whole time.  So, the Waterloo was included in the group going to the SPCA and Blue Lagoon came to Ray.

It's really just so Ray. 

Of course we had his name embroidered on it as well and though it goes without saying, we'll say it anyway.  We love Sirius Republic and their fabu products. 

Oh and we'll leave you with this collage of some of the adoptables at SPCA rocking their new finery.


  1. He looks adorable in anything you put him in, really!

  2. Ray looks so handsome in his new collar! I'm seriously itching to get Athena new Sirius collars...ahh!!

  3. Hmm. Ever considered politics? Asking for a vote and then doing your thing. :) Would have been my 2nd choice tho.

  4. Ray looks great in his cool new collar! Those fishies are very cute :) And the SPCA pups look great too; I hope they will all find great families soon!!



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