Friday, June 28, 2013

Feline Friday-Miko Makes a Stand

Miko has decided that the family room belongs to him, so he has taken up residence on the back of the sofa.  The sofa that Ray lays on in the room that Ray spends the majority of his time in.  Miko, however, has decided that not only does he own the room, he's done with Ray being in there, so Miko has begun to hiss and growl at Ray (when confronted nose to nose) and whenever that results only in more tail wags. A good solid whomp to the block head will suffice.

Miko sitting in Ray's antler box.
Recently, the three of us were on the sofa, Miko on the back, Ray sprawled across my lap, all peaceabully coexisting until Ray decided to greet Miko.  Miko hissed and growled and stood his ground for a few seconds before begrudgingly moving to the side table.  Ray followed, got kitty slapped and slinked around the coffee table with his tail between his legs, properly chastised, and returned to my lap.

With Miko being our youngest kitty, I think Ray is going to have a long road ahead of him.


  1. Poor Ray he just wanted to make a friend!

  2. Aw poor Ray! My cat always used to beat up Shiner too. Only she didn't run off. She has a hard head I guess and never really learned her lesson.



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