Monday, October 21, 2013

Missing and Moving

Hi folks!  If you're still with us, we need to send a big Thank You for sticking.  We've been pretty scarce on the internets lately and it's because we've moved!  Granted, we only moved about 30 miles from where we were, but it was hectic all the same.

To tell the truth, this is a process we started back in July of 2011 because back then, we wanted an inground pool and decided it would be easier and more cost effective to buy a house with a pool already there.  We were waaaaay wrong because although we got an offer on the house right away, it was never destined to close and our realtor at the time wasn't the best.  As you know, we then installed an inground pool and decided to stay in the summer of 2012 but with the two dogs running around, the expense of a pool and the upkeep necessary which is a year-round undertaking, we decided again to move. 

This time our search was for larger rooms, and a yard meant for running.  This home fit nearly everything on our lists and the boys LOVE it.  I was concerned about the moving nerves  and such, especially because Ray always looks worried.  We packed and transported and unpacked, rinse and repeat for several days before the movers actually came and we also brought the boys up one evening to check things out.  They loved the huge deck and grassy yard to run in.  Ray loved the absence of lava rock and everyone has taken to this house as if it was meant to be.

Since we're still transitioning and all of us have colds now, I can nearly guarantee that posts will be scarce this week, but we are still posting pics on Facebook, so check in with us there!

Peace and Love.


  1. I would never leave you! Moving is SO friggen stressful, and hard! But if you find the right place (which it sounds like you did), it's so worth it!!!! Yay for yards meant for running! Love it!

  2. Of course we're still here! It looks like the pooches are settling in well -- if only it were that easy for the humans!! Congrats on the new (perfect!) home!!

  3. Ugh - moving! Glad you're in your new home!! Feel better soon!

  4. Don't even get me started on moving... I'm still trying to find things!

    And, I hope you all feel better soon!

  5. Congratulations! I know moving can be so stressful but it will be worth it!

  6. Moving is so stressful we completely understand!! Glad everyone seems to be settling well, feel better soon and we will be here when things calm down!!

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  8. Don't worry we aren't leaving! We totally understand that you have things to do! :)
    Sounds like you guys have been stressed out a bit. Moving sounds tough!

    Anyways make shure to rest! I can't wait to hear about Julius' ,and Ray's adventures in the new house! Hugs, Francesca

  9. We just moved and know how stressful and how much work it is. Good luck settling in and feel better!



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