Monday, January 13, 2014

Boys Will Be Boys

It's been a long, long, long time since I had more than one dog and I've never had two adolescent dogs at the same time.  There are days when I don't see how it would be any different than having two young human boys romping around the house.  (I've never really been treated to that phenomenon, either.)

With the bad weather recently, we've been trying to keep the dogs occupied while not destroying everything in the house.  Luckily they really enjoy their antlers, but sometimes a good old fashioned wrestling sesh is in order.

"Wooo" is an invitation to play.

What "indoors" activities do your pooches like the best?


  1. Love them! They are just so perfect for one another, and you! Heart happy!

  2. I love this!!!!!! Boomer and Dottie are treated to a play time every night by my hubby, they fetch, they wrestle and they get rub downs. We've only been doing this for almost 11 years now!

  3. Indoor wrestling is great fun - even better if you do it in the office down a corridor!

  4. Dogs are like teenage boys and pigs are like toddlers,,,tough call which is preferable! :-)

    1. Boys are boys are boys (says the mother of a human girl.)

  5. Oh, boys. :) Those pics are absolutely adorable! Around here, when the wrestling gets totally out of control, I make them run stairs. Emmett and Lucas get about 5-10 laps up and down, then Cooper gets 20-30, and everyone's happier!

  6. Norman's favorite indoor activity is sleeping...preferably on a sun-lit sofa. Kaya's favorite indoor activity is staring at contempt. Zoey's favorite indoor activity is asking to go out:/



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