Friday, September 14, 2012

Oh Yes We Did

You probably know by now that Mama is crazy, right?  Well she got me my own account so that I can be a guest blogger...on my own blog!  I  know this is supposed to be about how well all of the kitties and I get along, but we all know who this blog is really about, right? 

Well, tonight was really beautiful so Mama and I decided to hang out on the patio for awhile and Mama gave me a marrow bone from the freezer.  She always gives them to me on the patio but I usually take them into the grass to gnaw on. 

But tonight after a little while of laying in the grass and chewing on my marrow bone, I got a good idea!

I picked up my mat and dragged it into the grass so I could lay on it while I chewed on my bone.  Mama's friend, N, says I'm spoiled, but I just think I'm a smart little boy.

Actually, one of the reasons we were outside for so long tonight was so that I could enjoy my bone at my leisure  Mama could sprinkler the lawn.  I was good and ignored the sprinkler everywhere it was in the yard until it got to my side and then I decided to play.

How did you spend your beautiful evening?


  1. I feel someone should welcome you to the online community being a full member with your own account so let that be me. One word of advice: Be gentle on/with your mommy and the kitties because anything here will stay here forever.



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