Monday, December 10, 2012

Speaking of Godzilla...

This weekend my hubby and I had occasion to spend the afternoon with good friends, hanging out, drinking a few ...sasparillas...eating tasty snacks and watching some football.  Our friends have an 18 month old Great Dane, Winston, who is just the sweetest boy in the world, though he may or may not completely realize that he isn't truly a lap dog.

As is usual for me, I spent much of the afternoon on the floor.  Furniture can be overrated and I enjoy a nice cuddle with a willing canine.  I think our hosts were concerned that I was uncomfortable or put upon, as like many good dog owners, they want to make sure their dog is friendly and also mannerly.  My husband kept telling them that it is a normal occurance at our house.  Me on the floor cuddling with a dog. 
The funny thing about those of us gathered together yesterday is that just over a year ago, none of us had dogs and now between the three couples and the single person there, we have five total dogs with Winston being the oldest.  Being that we've all gotten our dogs as puppies, it's hard to say exactly how they will grow up and what their personalities will be.  I'm just happy and fortunate that Ray enjoys cuddles as much as I do.  I might be slightly heartbroken if he ended up as a D.I.N.O.S.

Is your dog a cuddlebug?  Are you?


  1. She loves to cuddle! Even when I don't lol. Which is usually when I'm trying to sleep or make room for my feet at the bottom of the bed. If I can get comfy first, then I don't mind if she comes to lay on my feet.

  2. I love that Great Dane and how he doesn't even need to move his head to reach the counter. And as for snuggling...that's all Miss M wants to do. Mr B just puts up with it.

  3. I'm told he could drink out of the kitchen sink (if allowed to).



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