Monday, January 27, 2014

Snips and Snails

When little Julius came running up to me Rapunzel in the street on that sunny July day, I knew he was a Pit Bull kind of dog, but what exactly might he be? He and Ray are very clearly Pit Bulls, but other than their height, they don't look at all alike. Also, as the mom of two rescue dogs, I am in a very unique position in that I've seen the mothers of both my boys.

If you've been around for any length of time, you may know that we did Ray's dna through Wisdom Panel back in 2012 and Ray appears to be an American Bulldog/Boxer/mix dog. So we wondered, with some very distinct differences between the two, what would we find when we tested the Juli-bean? We know he loves water, so maybe he is a seal?

So, we swabbed the little guy and just as I was telling him that we should be receiving the results soon, in the mailbox they appeared. guess. What do you think makes up a Juli-bean?

P.S. He should be one year old in February and he weighs 74 pounds right now.


  1. I'm guessing a little bit of lab (mixed in with the seal and pibble parts!)!

  2. Oh, how fun!! I can't wait to see the results! I think he's got some seal in there for sure! :) His head shape is sort of like Emmett's, so maybe Staffie, but he's so much bigger than a Staf, so... Lab-x?

  3. I can't believe he weighs that much, he looks smaller in pictures! I love DNA results:) My guess is am staff, boxer and lab maybe.

  4. How neat, can't wait to hear but we have no idea!

  5. if he's a water lover there might be a lab hanging out in there somewhere...



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