Monday, March 24, 2014

Sunday Shopping

Since Julius goes to doggie daycare several times a week, I try to make sure Ray, who is still on limited activity, gets plenty of mental stimulation and Mommy time.  This weekend I had to go to the old house and make sure the pool drain was low, so I loaded Ray into the Pittie Van and we set off.  Ray got to play around in the yard which was nice and grassy in comparison to our yard here which, despite my efforts looks like poopageddon in a mud hole.  After we finished that task, we ventured over to TSC where Ray's "friend" was working.  We also had to replentish his kibble, so we went to Petco to wander about and although they were out of his food, we scored big time with a Kong backpack, originally $50 and on sale for $12.

Ray didn't actually like it much but Julius put it on and really felt like he was stylin'.  Now we just need a place to take him hiking. 

What was your fun purchase of the weekend?


  1. We didn't have much going on this weekend -- so no good purchases for us!! But we were talking about getting some fun spring collars for the pooches soon!

    1. Can't wait to see them in their spring finery.

  2. Looking good buddy!

    My fun purchase of the weekend was completely unrelated to dogs, I bought myself a spot in a cheese making class for next Saturday!

  3. It looks great on Julius! We had to buy dog food too...nothing too exciting, but we went on some awesome hikes! It's getting pretty warm here so the pups had a great time swimming and playing in the creek)

  4. He looks like he is going to school! Melvin has a backpack, every time I put it on him he become immobile.

  5. Ooooh, awesome!! A backpack has been a lifesaver with Cooper! And he looks so handsome! :) No weekend purchases for us, but we have a mile-long list for Petco for this coming weekend.



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