Friday, March 21, 2014

This and That

We obviously haven't been around lately.  We haven't blogged in well over a week and we are dreadfully far behind in our blog reading, so bear with us as we catch up.

First and foremost, Ray's knee seems to be healing quite well.  He is still on very limited activity and the good news is the lost a pound.  Hey, baby steps.  He went to the vet today for his annual vaccinations and we had him armed with the Adaptil collar, dosages of his Anxitane and a Thundershirt.  The result was that he was much less anxious going into the office, he let the doctor near him much sooner and didn't start screaming until nearly half way through the visit.  Yes, we still have work to do, and I don't want to have a zombie-like dog, so we'll keep working at it. 

As for the Adaptil collar, though,  Mr. Car sick Julius wore it yesterday to his vet appointment and then we ran errands all over the place without any pukey incidents, so for the milder cases of anxiety, it's definitely a winner.

Last week I had a quick two and a half days in Coronado, California for work and fell in love.  I'd say anyone who doesn't like the San Diego are might be a bit off their rocker.

Dipping the toes in the Pacific Ocean

While I was gone our sump pump failed and the basement flooded a bit.  Kevin was doing his best to keep up with the water.  He ended up calling Roto-Rooter, Serve-Pro, a handyman and the insurance company.  Long story short, we got the damage contained to a very minimal amount after several nerve-wracking days. 

I've been off work for the past couple of days following a quick out patient surgery.  Nothing huge and I'm feeling fine.  It's been nice having some extra days to spend with the pooches though I should find a place to take some more pictures of them.

Speaking of pictures, they are entered in a PetCo Foundation photo contest with our "team" asking for votes in order to benefit the Allen County SPCA.  The voting is a dollar a vote, and the theme is the Power of Together.  Such a good theme for my boys.  Ray was pretty lonely being a large dog with no social skills until we found Julius.  I hope you can spare a dollar and will consider voting for the boys. Or perhaps you have an entry yourself?  Let us know! 


  1. Glad to hear you are okay and enjoyed our trip to CA! We've been behind on blogging too:(

  2. What a busy week. So glad everyone's doing well with all that activity! I didn't even think of using the collar for car rides, but that's a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing your experience! Oh, and I adore San Diego, too, though the Midwesterner in me thinks it's a little suspect/unfair to have that much beautiful weather all year long!

  3. I'm glad the collar worked well for the boys!

  4. Glad to hear about the collar -- we might have to give that one a try!! Tess gets really stressed in cars, which I think starts her at a higher level of stress once we get to the vet (which is stressful in itself!). We'll have to give it a try -- where did you get the collar?

    1. I ordered it from and. I think I'm going to order another.

  5. This post is full of highs and lows!!! Glad the boys are doing well, that collar sounds intriguing. Sorry about the sump pump, I know how not fun that can be!



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