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Debra     Mom to the furries Ray, Boo Kitty, Miko and Jae as well as the human, Asia.  New Ya-Ya to the baby, who will hopefully never use the "G-word."  I spend my time with Ray, working to make us the best Ambassadog team we can be, with my husband watching football, with Asia and the baby shopping, and cuddling up with one to three kitties at night. 

Rescue is my passion and volunteering is my life.  I currently volunteer with our SPCA and the Rescue that saved Ray and his family, Smiling K9's

I've been a blog lurker for years and am finally stepping out of my comfort zone and interacting. 

Ray-Ray  I was born December 1, 2011.  You can read about my dog mama, Sparkles, here.  I'm special because my Mommy helped rescue our family and she has known me since the minute I was born.  She says that  is how long she has loved me.  I am an American Bulldog + Boxer + something=Pit Bull type dog.  I love treats, playing tug (mostly with Daddy) and going shopping with my Mommy. 

The Kitties  Boo Kitty, Jae and Miko are in various stages of dislike or distain for Ray.  Jae is by far his best buddy in that he will voluntarily be in the same room with Ray.  Miko keeps a wary distance and Boo Kitty will travel from baby gate to baby gate just to bitch meow at Ray.  After all, she has to make sure he really, truly understands that she doesn't like him.  Except for at treat time when she will get just close as necessary.


  1. Welcome to the blog world.
    You'll find lots of friends here.

    xo Cinnamon

  2. Hello Debra!

    My name's Tammy and I'm the Marketing Coordinator at TheUncommonDog.com. I found your blog through Blog Paws and thought you might be interested in seeing a fun and engaging infographic we've created that focuses on dog safety during the hot summer months: http://www.theuncommondog.com/Images/infographics/dog-days-summer.jpg

    If you like the infographic and want to share it with your readers please feel free to do so. The only thing we ask in return is that you link back to TheUncommonDog.com in someway from your post.

    Also, definitely let me know if you do decide to post it because we'd be happy to spread the word about your blog by linking to your post from our Facebook page.

    Big Tail Wag!
    Tammy Sexton
    Marketing Coordinator

  3. I love your blog. Thank you for being such a strong advocate for pitbull and pitbull-type dogs everywhere. You make a difference. You really do.

    Also thank you for your recommendation of my Team Unruly post "Fear Periods in Puppies".


    I'm very pleased you enjoyed it.



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