Friday, February 13, 2015


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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Random Encounter

Recently a co-worker and I were heading out for the day and as we approached the big glass doors of our building, I saw across the street, a young woman walking her dog. "Look! A dog in a coat," I said, and my co-worker replied, "Don't you just love that? You know when you see a dog in a coat, they are well loved and cared for."

At just about this moment, the gal stopped to take off the jacket as it was still fairly warm out and as we crossed to her side of the street, I gasped, "Oh! It's a Pit Bull!" The girl quickly turned and tried to hustle away, when we shouted, "Wait, can we pet your dog?"

She then turned with a pleased smile on her face and we got to pet the sweetest little guy, he gave me kisses and we chatted a bit. He was on a Thunder Leash and we discussed the merits of that versus the Freedom Harness that we use then we all went on our merry way.

I wondered if my initial exclaimation of Pit Bull was seen as negative but was happy to see them both and though I didn't whip out my phone then, I actually saw them as I was in the Pittie Van and heading home so I snapped a picture for a random post.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Speaking of Long Haul

We have been blogging for well over a decade on this platform and while it has been relatively easy in many cases, we are making the move to WordPress.

We will keep this blog active-ish but we hope that you'll come visit us in our new home at PeaceabullAssembly

Don't leave us, because who knows.  We might be back...

UPDATE. We fixed the link.  Thanks, Beagle Bratz!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

For The Long Haul

One of the most inspirational bloggers and doggie moms I know once wrote a post that so deeply resonated with me that I doubt if I could put into words how much it impacted me.  It ripped open a bandage that covered a gaping hole in my upbringing that I will spend the rest of my days trying to make up for.

Other than Samantha, who belonged to my grandparents, I didn't really have a stable animal presence in my life.  While my dad was/is an animal lover, my mom isn't really even an animal liker.  I remember several dogs in my early years.  They came and they were gone.  I don't know where they went other than "to live out in the country."  Given my parents m.o. I assume they were given away.  Rehomed.  Some may have run out in the street and perished.  I just never knew.

I don't have the foundation of respect for our furry friends that some people have and that is just where I came from.  It doesn't make my parents bad or necessarily wrong,  it just is how it was with them. 

I'm actually not even certain when the forever pet concept jelled in my conscious but I do remember the early days with Ray which were such a challenge. Before we adopted Ray, I wanted an elderbull.  I wanted an ambassador who could be a therapy dog if that was the path they were destined for.  My husband wasn't convinced and was dead set on a puppy, so it seemed only natural that we adopt one of the "Sparkle pups."

To say Ray was a challenge as a puppy would be to say that Chicago can be a bit breezy.  Ray and his litter mates were separated from Sparkles at around 5-6 weeks and really had no social skills.  While my mission was to socialize Ray as much as I could, I also found myself disinclined to do so.  My ambassabull was so prone to leaping up from his diminutive stature and ripping the fabric from my sleeves.  He "mouthed" my hands, passing feet, toys, furniture, leashes, and anything else he could find.  I was the redirect queen, with antlers, chew bones and stuffies shoved into every pocket but there were plenty mornings where I sat on the kitchen floor and cried bawled, "Oh my god!  Pit bulls live for nearly 17 years!  I have to endure 16 and a half more years of this!"

That's right.  I was discouraged, disheartened, angry, humiliated by my failure, and still it never crossed my mind to do anything  but get through the next 16 and a half years.  My first milestone was set at 2 years.  I had read his personality would be shaped and I was hoping for a glimpse of my future ambassabull.  In the meantime, it would be work, work, work, lessons, lessons, lessons in  an effort to have the dog I knew Ray could be.  It turns out that around 18 months, he became just that dog.  A dog who I think may still one day be a CGC.  If he doesn't, will he be a failure?  Will I?  If success is measured by certificates and awards, maybe. 

If success is measured by eternal love and devotion, which I suspect it is, then I'd say we are doing just fine.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

White Noise, Black Hole

If you've tried to visit the Peace-a-Bull Assembly anytime in the past 5 or 6 days, you've probably been greeted with an error message. Either that or zero people really have visited us. Well, we sincerely apologize for the interruption in posts and access, especially since we were honored to be a featured blogger in the Oh My Dog! newsletter.

Well, the problem is that we are now the proud owners of the domain however after the first, second and third attempts, I still haven't gotten it set up correctly. Bear with us, we haven't left, we are just inept.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thoughtful Thursdsay

The one constant is change. The fact that things change, people change, and circumstances change is usually a good thing. We hope we can adapt to change and make it a positive even when it is something that we either didn’t foresee or plan. I consider that while I am usually open to change and adapt pretty easily, I can be set in my ways. But rather than change, I think I’m talking about evolving. We learn and we grow and I hope that while I’ve aged, I’ve grown and evolved into something better than I was a week, a year, a decade or more ago.

I strive to surround myself with people who inspire me; people who make a difference in the world and strive to make it a better place than it was before. I try to be more thoughtful in my speech and actions, which includes my “posting and sharing” by being more inclined to post positives rather than negatives. I’m not 100% there yet, but the road is long and hopefully I will be traveling it for quite some time.

Speaking of inspiration, I would like to begin a new project inspired by the fact that this is a milestone year, however I need some help and ideas from you, the people of blogville who inspire me every day with your passion and commitment.

My project is going to be called “Fifty Shades of Kindness” and while I strive to perform an act of kindness each day by either word or deed, I really need some ideas to help me toward a formal fifty acts. My plan is to document my journey via a newly created Facebook page, which I hope you’ll join. Follow along with the progress, suggest new ideas and even post an act of kindness that you have performed or received.

I’m really excited about this adventure and even more so if you’ll join me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

First, thanks to all of you for being such good sports. Last year Corbin did something similar and I nearly freaked out reading it. I actually am not a fan of April Fool's pranks, but this one just set itself up so nicely. Anyhow, Tora was on television yesterday and I'm confident that she will be in a great home soon.

So, as you may have seen, we've been hinting about the fun place Asia went over the weekend and about who she got to meet. I think she is going to guest blog about it soon, but here's a picture to whet your appetite.

That's right, she got to meet the fabulous Miss M, Miss M's "servants" and her dog, Mr. B! WOOT! (I'm not even jealous only a little jealous completely jealous.)


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