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We spent the majority of our first blog year as major lurkers.  Once we decided to step out and "make friends" we were overwhelmed with how awesome it is to be a part of an online community.  We were (pleasantly) shocked and honored to receive our first awards from those beautiful gals at Pitlandia, A and A(thena).

 We received not one but two  three(!), awards from these sweet and talented gals.  Go check them out and prepare to fall in love with Athena's beautiful brindleness.

We will be posting about this very sooon!

Then, those who know me in real life, might not agree with this, but our good friends at My Two Pitties gifted us with a Super Sweet Blogger Award which we still need to post about and pass on.

Our great and super creative friends at Pawsitively Pets added Ray to two of their very cool graphics.  First, they included Ray in their Twelve Days of Christmas which you can see right here.  Then what did they do?  They included us in this super infographic:

I'm not sure if dorks like us have ever been the coolest anything so this is super exciting.   I'd say we have an awesome bunch of blogtastic friends, wouldn't you?

We also were honored to guest post here at Peace, Love & Whiskers.  It was our first guest post and written in a different format than we usually do.  It's the story of Ray's mama, Sparkles, written from her point of view. 

We can also be found at Coffee With a Canine which we had a lot of fun doing.  Also, one of our blog posts  about volunteering was added to the SPCA website.   We're hoping to have some guest post here as well but want to make it relevant to Pit Bull type dogs and/or rescue, so stay tuned.

As if that isn't overwhelming enough, The StubbyDog Project featured Ray's story right on their website during Ray's Gotcha week.

Thank you for stopping by and for your interest in Pit Bull type dogs and Rescue.3

Ray and his Mama.

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