Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Random Encounter

Recently a co-worker and I were heading out for the day and as we approached the big glass doors of our building, I saw across the street, a young woman walking her dog. "Look! A dog in a coat," I said, and my co-worker replied, "Don't you just love that? You know when you see a dog in a coat, they are well loved and cared for."

At just about this moment, the gal stopped to take off the jacket as it was still fairly warm out and as we crossed to her side of the street, I gasped, "Oh! It's a Pit Bull!" The girl quickly turned and tried to hustle away, when we shouted, "Wait, can we pet your dog?"

She then turned with a pleased smile on her face and we got to pet the sweetest little guy, he gave me kisses and we chatted a bit. He was on a Thunder Leash and we discussed the merits of that versus the Freedom Harness that we use then we all went on our merry way.

I wondered if my initial exclaimation of Pit Bull was seen as negative but was happy to see them both and though I didn't whip out my phone then, I actually saw them as I was in the Pittie Van and heading home so I snapped a picture for a random post.


  1. It is so wrong that pit bulls get a bad wrap, I think it sets people up to over analyse something. Once I was walking BD and Mity (not alone) when a guy with a pit bull walked towards. We collected both dogs and moved them off the past and this guy had a go at me, explaining his dog was friendly and we shouldn't judge. I just pointed at BD, who was wearing his muzzle, and said yes but mine isn't!

  2. It's sad that she thought she needed to hurry away... I'm glad you got to meet the little guy and she was able to relax.

  3. You made her day!



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