Friday, June 21, 2013


Last weekend we found this great crane statue to fill some space in our corner.  We originally had the lava rock ending just past this Japanese Maple but with the addition of something that I really, really wanted to add to our yard, we finished off this corner.

Can you tell what it is that has me so happy about the landscaping? 


  1. I'm just happy when I get around to mowing the grass!!

    When are you going to come and do my landscaping?!

  2. could it be that so far no one has dug up the lava rock? in my yard that would be a win

  3. I would say, a spot that can't be dug up by curious paws because of the rock?

    My hubby would say, a spot in the yard I don't have to mow!

  4. That statue is beautiful! I'm sure it stands out even more now that the garden has since filled out. I'd love to see what the entire space looks like these days.

    Helen Guann, Landtech Landscaping



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