Monday, December 2, 2013

Go Ray-Ray

It's your birthday!

Actually, his birthday was yesterday and the boys celebrated by playing in the mud yard, followed by bathies. I was doubly annoyed with their mud bogging because they were wearing their leather collars.

Actually, I had ordered Christmas collars for both of them which I posted to their Facebook on October 22 so imagine my shock when this past weekend, I find that Mr. Julius has already outgrown his, so he was wearing Ray's while Ray donned his beautiful Paco collar. So, yes, mud all over the place, including their fancy collars was not actually a highlight.

There was, however plenty of good cheer and bully sticks were enjoyed by all the canines. Ray was gifted with a 24" long special birthday bully while Julius gnawed on his normal 12" sized bully stick. Ray also got his own pink birthday piggy, which I'm happy to report has lived to see the light of day two.

Naturally, there was cake.

Unfortunately for the boys, cake will be served at a later date this week when I can make allowances for the extra calories.

What else? For those of you who are newer around here, you may not know that I was there to witness Ray's birth. I held his mama in my arms till he arrived and will always consider that a special Birthing Day.

(On another happy note, Vanilla and Chocolate were adopted over the weekend!)


  1. We were loving the Baby Ray photos on facebook!! Such a special bond that must give you two -- jealous!

    And yay for Vanilla and Chocolate!!

  2. I love that you were there! How amazing to be a part of his very beginning! Happy Birthday Ray! You are so delicious!

  3. That day was so special to me. It was great to be there.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it was a special day. Go piggy! :-)

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Ray... sorry it's a few day late, I'm so behind reading all my fav. bloggies!

  6. Awww! Happy belated birthday! It looks like a fabulous day! :)

  7. Awww, they look great in their collars. Happy birthday to Ray!



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